The ARX technology, adaptive resistance exercise, works to meaningfully and efficiently target the body’s systems for positive improvement.  Regardless of your fitness level, ARx machines adapt to your ideal resistance levels each exercise and each repetition making the most efficient use of your work.  The tracking software accurately monitors your strength levels so EE Trainers can intelligently program your workouts to produce super effective results – creating your unique exercise prescription.

If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

A rusty barbell and plates can get you the results you desire but you must understand the inherent inefficiencies when using that tool: wasted time spent loading and unloading the bar, less than ideal resistance curves, and safety concerns especially when using maximal loads and reaching deep levels of fatigue.  Much like a horse can get you from point A to B but a Ferrari gets you there much faster, the ARx technology is a more efficient system to get you the results you desire.



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