Exercise Services

Personal Training
Personalized One-on-One Training
Group Training
Personalized Partner Training (2 People)
Personalized Group Training (3-4 People)
Open Small Group Training – up to 4 Clients per class
Open Large Group Training – up to 12 Clients per class

So how exactly do we accomplish so much in such little time?

By understanding human physiology.

Your muscles only store so much energy (in the form of glycogen, or sugar). If you work out in a focused, intelligent way, you can drain much of that energy from the entire muscle system in minutes instead of hours. And once a muscle has been fully worked, if you refuel with proper nutrition and recovery/sleep, your body will naturally become leaner, stronger, and more prepared because it knows what kind of work is coming its way. And this is true no matter whether you have exercised forever or are coming to exercise later in life. If you work your body correctly, your body knows what to do.

It’s our job to make sure you hit the intensity levels needed to stimulate desired results. Exercise is a stimulus that acts on the body so it needs to be the proper dose for the desired response.  Too little, too much, or too stagnant can all thwart progress.  We ascertain your needs, we program it, we make sure your technique is absolutely correct, and we help you get the work done. A great trainer knows your perceived limitations, and takes you past that with each workout so you can realize your full potential – without injury.  That’s smart, effective training that you can live with and enjoy for a lifetime.


“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” ­ — Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s quote succinctly sums up the EE training philosophy. Our trainers are well versed in various modalities of training which culminates in our own system we call HIIRT (high intensity interval resistance training). The system is safe, effective, efficient, and uniquely crafted around your health and fitness goals.

For experienced athletes who want to reach new levels within their given sport, we offer our Advanced Training Program that promises heightened performance through our focused strength work.  We understand that a stronger athlete is a better athlete so we program accordingly and specifically in our Advanced Training Program.