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Our experienced personal trainers have specific education, backgrounds, and training in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports training, functional fitness, weight loss, nutrition and lifestyle management. We are trained to evaluate and assess your body for muscular imbalances and design personalized programs to fit your needs, thus maximizing your results in a safe and effective manner.

Austin -

Keith Norris

EE Partner, Austin General Manager, Efficient Exercise Master Trainer

A lifelong athlete known for his passion and energy, Keith Norris is Efficient Exercise’s most fiery powerhouse. Keith’s immersion in fitness and strength training began at the age of 15 as a member of San Antonio’s Powerhouse Gym, legendary for launching the careers of such athletes as Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish, Lori Bowen-Rice and Jeep Swenson. His interest expanded to include athletic rehabilitation while playing football for Texas State.

After a distinguished military and corporate career, Keith walked away from a cushy gig in the pharmaceutical industry to join Efficient Exercise to focus on personal training. Since then, Keith has become a thought leader on Paleo nutrition and his blog, Ancestral Momentum ­- Theory to Practice, is consistently ranked as one of the Top Fitness Blogs and in top 20 by BreakingMuscle.

In addition to working with clients, Keith actively participates in the management of Efficient Exercise fitness studios and advises and develops staff responsible for programming and personal training activities as well as being a founder of Paleo f(x).

Skyler Tanner, MS

EE Partner, Westlake Studio Manager, Efficient Exercise Master TrainerSkyler 512.­507.­8188

Skyler is a personal trainer and manager of the Westlake Efficient Exercise studio. More than a decade of training experience with focus on acute and chronic physiological responses and adaptations of strength training, nutrition physiology and fitness psychology has given him a unique perspective – one that helps his clients improve health, function, and longevity. He is especially effective in working with clients in strategically balancing their focus in order to achieve lasting results.

Skyler holds a Master of Science in Exercise Science from Texas State University. Skyler is a recognized industry expert and has lectured at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 at UCLA and at the 21 Convention 2011 in Orlando and 2012 in Austin, he was featured on Dr. Mercola’s internationally recognized health web site, and he presented at Paleo (f)X 2012 and 2013 in Austin, all of which can be seen on his blog

Lesley O’Neal

Rosedale Studio Manager

Lesley is the train heavy-and-hard poster girl for Efficient Exercise, and her positive energy and confidence is highly motivating. Like so many Efficient Exercise trainers, she grew up in an environment where health and fitness were part of everyday life. Her mother is a personal trainer and health coach and her father a former record holding NFL player.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Psychology and pursuing an acting career, Lesley followed her family footsteps and found her true passion in health and fitness.  Her philosophy about fitness is it’s the foundation of everything most people want out of life:  health, vitality, beauty, strength, confidence and self-respect. With focus on technique and innovation she shares her expertise, understanding and passion for helping her clients achieve exactly that.

Cindy Patrizi

Downtown Studio Manager, Accounts Receivable Manager

Cindy has enjoyed a lifelong enthusiasm for sports and movement that stemmed from being raised as a member of an active family. In her 30s, she joined Austin Rowing Club where she competed at the master’s level for several years.

In 2000, a Newsweek article profoundly changed her perspective on exercise. “Going Super Slow”, featuring Dr. Philip Alexander, Internist at College Station Medical Center and Efficient Exercise founder Mark Alexander’s dad, touted the benefits of slow, high intensity weight training as the ultimate prescription for fitness. Shortly thereafter, Cindy began practicing the methodology and received her SuperSlow Instructor Certification.

Cindy now shares her passion with Efficient Exercise clients, helping them with age defying, high intensity workouts and increasing their enjoyment of other physical activities, whatever they might be. Cindy hold’s a hold bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from St. Edward’s University.

Andrew Flater

Westlake & Downtown Group Training, MC Fitness Coordinator 512.­422.­3414Andrew

Inspired by his dad who was a professional soccer player and his fitness trainer mom, Andrew has been engaged in sports and exercise since the age of five.

Efficient Exercise clients in the Westlake and downtown studios benefit from Andrew’s passion for changing peoples’ lives and his experience and skills as a SuperSlow Instructor and CrossFit certified coach. He majored in exercise science at University of Texas San Antonio, which focuses on athletic training and exercise science and is supported by such agencies as the National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Education, and the International Life Science Institute Research Foundation.

Andrew has participated in several tri-sport events and continues to enjoy running and cycling.

Bert Massey

Rosedale & Downtown Personal & Group Training

Bert grew up in Brownwood, Texas where he played and loved all sports from an early childhood. Bert played football, baseball, and powerlifted while in high school and attended the University of Texas and received my bachelors degree in History in 2006. For several years Bert pursued a career in law and politics, but in 2011 realized his passions were fitness and sports so he changed directions in life. Over the past 3 years Bert’s passion and hard work has helped him to become a CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist) allowing him to pursue a career in what he truly loves.

Bert found Efficient Exercise while looking for a gym that not only matched his passion for fitness, but that also matched his academic/scientific approach. What he found was a truly innovative group of people who loved what they do and were on the cutting edge of fitness trends and technology.

Bo Alexander

Rosedale Personal & Group Training

Always enjoying sports and exercise, Bo discovered Efficient Exercise, originally going in for a consultation, and loved the atmosphere so much he left with an application. Bo was added to the Efficient Exercise ranks in the spring as the step-in and go-to for Keith Norris during PaleoFX ’14. Through this process he was able to expand upon his knowledge of exercise, fitness and wellness as an Efficient Exercise Trainer.
  Through his scholastic career in sports spanning from Golf to Football, and everything in-between; Bo has hands on knowledge and experience with various sports specific training methodologies, along with being a Certified Personal Trainer, and a certified Kettlebell Trainer.
Coupled with Efficient Exercise training methods and Bo‘s dedication to helping others obtain health and wellness, we are confident our clients are in the right hands.

San Antonio -

Michele Winn

Michele_WebStone Oak Studio Manager, Personal & Group Training 210.573.6680

Michele’s interest in physical fitness began as a toddler while taking classes with her Jazzercise instructor mom.  Her interest in strength training was piqued in high school as a way help her performance in soccer and to protect her knees after an ACL injury. Her father who was a professional soccer player who coached her through high school was also an inspiration to her.

Michele’s passion for slow, high intensity strength training and Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University landed her the position of Downtown Austin Manager with Efficient Exercise where she was a personal trainer for more than five years. The epitome of body transformation, she engaged in HIIRT exercises throughout her two pregnancies, which she attributes to giving her the strength to have two natural home births and then lose the baby weight very quickly after her pregnancies.

After moving to San Antonio, Michele became a certified SuperSlow Instructor and manager for SuperSlow Zone Stone Oak location. She joins her mom, Nancy Flater, at the Efficient Exercise Stone Oak studio as personal trainer.

Marie Jaenicke

Stone Oak Personal & Group TrainingMarie 210.639.6467

Marie grew up in the Chicago area and was involved in customer service from an early age working in the family restaurant business.  As an adult, she later sold the restaurant business and relocated to San Antonio with her own family.

Marie grew interested in fitness at age 18 when she realized how diet choices and lack of exercise were affecting her physically.  She decided to be proactive with her own health and fitness to take control of better lifestyle choices.  With lessons learned from her own life and now training in the Efficient Exercise program, Marie gets great pleasure in helping others achieve their goals.  Marie believes we should all aim to have a strong body, mind, and spirit!

Nancy Flater

Nancy_WebStone Oak Personal Training 210.875.3853

Nancy’s career in health and fitness has been indelibly shaped by a lifetime of helping and serving others.

Nancy’s fitness career began in her twenties when she purchased a fitness franchise and became a certified Aerobic and group exercise instructor.  Ten years later, she opened a Fitness Club in Portland Oregon and became an elite instructor for Nike fitness wear. A move to San Antonio in 1989 led Nancy to Women Super Fitness where she became a certified personal trainer, and then Home Court America where she earned her certification to teach Pilates.  With all her experiences and certifications, she then opened ran her own personal training business for seven years.

Nancy is devoted to helping older adults fight the aging process. She spends numerous days and hours volunteering at nursing homes teaching sitting exercise classes and teaching nutrition classes at her church.

Medical Advisory Team -

Shauna Alexander

RN, BSN, Certified Health Coach

Shauna’s father, who is an Exercise Physiologist, introduced her to the importance of health and fitness at an early age. Her enthusiasm for the discipline led her to study Community Health at Texas A&M and then earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas, Austin.

As a Registered Nurse, Shauna is so attuned to the body that it only made sense for her to work to improve it—both hers and her clients’. Her combination of an interest in physiology, a love of wellness and a dedication to educating people on the best decisions for their health, led her out of the hospital and into Efficient Exercise.

Shauna loves bringing fitness and wellness to the community and working with busy professionals with a desire to live stronger, longer and better.

Gayla Harris

Physical Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist

Gayla developed an interest in fitness and physical therapy growing up as a gymnast and dancer.  After receiving her PT degree from the University of Texas, Galveston, Gayla entered The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Houston where she worked for 24 years, making her way to executive director of Rehabilitation Services.

In keeping with her passion of teaching people about their bodies, staying strong and avoiding injury, Gayla joined Efficient Exercise as a personal trainer. Because physical therapy is largely built on the sciences of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise science and movement analysis, Gayla is able to develop comprehensive and efficient ‘start-to-finish’ regimens for competitive and recreational athletes.

In addition to her Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy, Gayla has earned a Master’s in Business Administration, is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist (ACN).

Executive Team -

Patrick Massey

PatrickCOO 512.­573.­5680

Patrick brings nearly 20 years of corporate experience to the EE Team as COO. In giving up the corporate stress and work schedule, Patrick has been able to create a better work and life balance translating into more time as a father and husband. Additionally, Patrick has been integral in the efforts to help Efficient Exercise grow and scale their systems and operations.

Like many other members of the EE Team, health, fitness, and recreation have been a large part of Patrick’s life for many years. He is an avid mountain biker and trail runner and often takes trips around the country to pursue those loves and passions. However, it was not until he was turned onto an ancestral Paleo way of nutrition coupled with high intensity workouts did he fully understand and reap the benefits of his new found healthy lifestyle.

Patrick helps round out the EE Team with a professional polish, astute mind, and a streamlined way of thinking through systems and controls.

Mark Alexander

CEO, Founder

Mark became active within the fitness field at a very early age (as you can see in his “I am Superboy” deadlift photo).  In an effort to increase his knowledge and skills, he studied sport management at the University of Texas and took a position in their athletics department.

In building upon his mission to change the way the world exercises one client at the time, Mark founded Efficient Exercise in 2001.  In 2009, Mark teamed up with inventor Randy Rindfleisch to develop ARx (adaptive resistance exercise) technology.

As CEO, Mark’s unique perspective, entrepreneurial spirit and industry experiences help drive the management and growth of Efficient Exercise. He is the catalyst of best practices in each of the company’s fitness studios by continually improving service and operational systems. Mark oversees the international distribution and development of ARx equipment and is spearheading the organizational strategy with focus on expansion.