At Efficient Exercise, we believe your workouts should fit around your life not the other way around. Our programs are geared toward meeting you where you are and working together to get you to where you want to be.

Because no two people are alike, our programs our customized to fit your personal needs. We offer one-on-one training, small group training, and ARX only training.

Our FREE evaluation includes assessments to determine the best path to your optimal fitness.

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Efficient Exercise proudly features ARX as the cornerstone of our resistance training programs.

With ARX, we are able to offer a safe, effective, and efficient technology to help our clients reach optimum health. With this state of the art equipment and client progress tracking, we not only help you get stronger, we have data to prove it.


One-on-One training

For the most personalized, effective training session, we recommend one-on-one sessions. Your personal trainer will design an individual program with progressions specifically geared to your goals with your unique physical abilities in mind. Personal Training is recommended for beginners, folks with past or present injuries, and clients with specific athletic goals.

Group Training

For those that desire a community approach and accountability with friends or other group members, this is the training for you. While still personalized, the group training combines high intensity interval training, kettlebells, mobility and ARX with a group of four or fewer to get you in shape with little time investment. The group classes are dynamic, fun, challenging, and keep you motivated.

ARX Only

This super efficient workout features 20 minutes of programming using our ARX equipment only. Accomplished only through the ground breaking technology ARX equipment provides, you swill get a complete, intense, full body workout in 20 minutes.

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