Bridging the Gap

There are many reasons why people seek out physical therapy.  For some, it might be the treatment of an acute injury and for others it might help alleviate chronic aches and pains.  No matter the reason, physical therapy has limitations.  Often times, the limitations are placed on the therapist by the insurance companies only willing to pay for a very narrow scope of services and limited time.  Another limitation of physical therapy is the frequent use of low-tech equipment often ineffective and inefficient at best.  The therapist has no financial incentive to purchase higher tech and possibly more effective equipment because of the manner they are paid by the insurance companies.  Furthermore, the job of the physical therapist is to improve the person back to baseline.  What if that baseline was poor to begin with?  What if there are a handful of postural and muscular imbalance issues to attend to?  How would a physical therapist, or anyone for that matter, accomplish all of these objectives in a short window of time with ineffective equipment?  The answer?  They cannot.

At Efficient Exercise, we strive to fill the void between physical therapy and optimum health and performance.  Many people upon completion of physical therapy do not have a reliable choice for continued improvement.  Do they go out on their own and get hurt all over again?  Do they get turned loose in a big globo gym with no real guidance, direction, or objectives?  Or possibly get connected with young, inexperienced, personal trainers or coaches pounding them through the paces?  I hope not, but unfortunately these situations occur all too often.

Here’s a call to all physical therapists, healthcare practitioners, and physical therapy patients: We are here to help!  Our team is experienced in helping bridge the gap between the end of physical therapy and the beginning of a journey to optimum health and peak performance.

How do we accomplish this?  Through scientifically proven, research-based training programs and coaches who know a thing or two about corrective exercises.  We look at the client as a whole – we strive to help them accomplish their goals and objectives while balancing the strength, mobility, and corrective exercises they need in order to accomplish those goals.  Proper resistance training, proper tools, proper programming, and intelligent design help guide the process to fruition.

The bridging the gap concept and practice was highlighted in News Line Magazine featuring Efficient Exercise’s own Gayla Harris, PT.  Gayla has been instrumental in helping Efficient Exercise bridge the gap between physical therapy and personal fitness training with her experience as a physical therapist, massage therapist, and EE coach.  We hope you consider correcting some of the underlying issues you might have while growing stronger for what life might throw your way.

Click the image below for the online PDF version of the magazine and feature article:


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