Health, Science, and History – Part 1

An underlying problem in the health, fitness, and wellness industry is not a lack of information, but rather a cluttering of information that seems to have no real direction.  We have a mission to help people filter through all of the noise to become clear on their personal journey towards optimum health.  How do we do that?  By understanding that health is an individual n=1 experience and applying new emergent science within the proper historical context.  There truly is nothing new under the sun even though the fitness marketers would like to make you think otherwise.  So we look at fitness through the proven historical context and allow emergent genetic based science to guide us in discoveries whether they confirm or change our chosen pathways.

As part of fulfilling this mission to be a proven filter in the health, fitness, and wellness world, we have decided to launch the Health, Science, and History series.  Led by the team of exercise veteran and historian Ken O’Neill, emerging exercise scientist Skyler Tanner, long-time physical culture enthusiast Keith Norris, and EE founder Mark Alexander, the team weaves together experience where the rubber meets the road in implementation along with the historical context and application of emergent science.

In this first part of the series introduction to Health, Science, and History, I thought it would be valuable to better understand each team member starting with Ken O’Neill.

Click on the image below and take a look at page 44 of the latest edition of Naturally Fit Magazine.  Ken’s article features his own historical perspective of the modern health dilemma.

Also, please consider joining us for the inaugural Health, Science, and History event hosted by Efficient Exercise – Click Here To Register!


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