Paleo Movement: Efficient Exercise Week 14

As we continue with the Transformation Tuesday theme, we continue to feature a guest post by Rachael Maresh.  Rachael is an Austin attorney that recently experienced how Efficient Exercise coupled with proper nutrition can be an effective and powerful solution.  She will continue to provide guest posts here on the EE blog to keep us updated on her progress and offer up a real-world client’s perspective on her EE Experience.  Rachael writes on her own blog,The Paleo Review, so be sure to check out tasty Paleo-friendly recipes and other features too.

Paleo Movement: Efficient Exercise Week 14

One on One Workout Limits?
If I thought last week was hard, this workout equalled it.
The first mini-circuit was innocent enough.  We started on the 360 and moved on to the X-Ccentric Bench Press.  I think I did 4 reps.  The first time through we focused on the negative and the second the positive.

Next up T-Bar rows.  Matthew put a little more weight than I usually do, 30 pounds rather than 25.  We used the wide grip each round he had me do 2 sets of 8.  The second time around he added another 5 pounds which only stayed on for 1 set of 8.

Next up:  Air Squats.  This is the squat where you jump into the air when you come out of the squat. He had me do 25 of these and made sure I squatted nice and low. He wanted me to not pause at all between reps.  By number 15 or so, that became pretty hard to do.
Next up, the ARx Pulldown.  I never look at the numbers while I’m doing the exercise.  To be honest, my head is usually at an angle where I my glasses don’t let me see.  I had a new max on this one.
Another quick change to an upright barbell row.  He had me do 15 reps of this one.  I was just lifting the bar, but it felt plenty heavy enough.   I was having a little discomfort/pain at the top of the movement.  I pushed through it.

And then things got serious.  This reminded me of the goblet squat moment the week before. He pointed to a set of 20 pound dumbbells and demonstrated a push-pull.  It’s really the top part of a thruster.  You do a little jump/bounce with your lower body to give some momentum to the weights that are resting at your shoulders so you can push them above your head.

I had trouble lifting the weights.  The rest of the workout had fatigued my arms.  Once I got the weights into the starting position, the movement was hard from the get go.  I did 15 reps and the last few really pushed me beyond any limit I’ve ever thought I had.
And then I did that second circuit all over again.  I have to say I struggled.  I struggled physically.  I struggled mentally.  During the air squats, I got to the last 10 and wondered how I would finish.  Then the last 5…2…1.  I pulled as hard as I could on the pull down and strangely I was happy for this exercise.
When I got to the second set of rows, we switched to a lighter curl bar.  The discomfort I had on the first round was gone.

And then Matthew put a 25 pound set of weights next to the 20s.  More weight?  More?  I had incredible difficulty just getting the weights up.  I made it through 3 reps before my arms gave out.
While setting up my last exercise of the day, Matthew explained that the push pull was an exercise about learning proper technique.  He says its often easier to teach using a heavier weight.  Your body has to learn to use the legs and get under the weight.  I guess I need more practice.
And what was the last exercise?  The glutimator.  I did 3 sets of 15, 12 and 10 reps.  My hips were crazy tight.  I was glad to be done.  I think I gave Matthew a few serious looks during this workout.  I hope he doesn’t take that personally.  I need to work hard and I’m struggling with myself.

Its clear to me after these past two workouts that I need to find a way to better govern the pain during my workouts.  I need to find a way to get past limits that are likely more mental than anything else.  I worked hard and gave my all and I didn’t quit, but there’s the type A part of me that feels like I could have done better.  I have never been asked to workout so hard.  Matthew obviously thinks that I’m stronger than I believe I am.  I trust him.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me in getting past this mental barrier?  How do you focus?

On the Road:  Hotel Body Weight Workout

This week, sadly, I had to miss the group workout.  Even though I was missing to go to the awesome Save Your Bacon Weekend at Polyface Farms, I don’t want to slow any of my progress.  I asked Matthew if he would be so kind as to come up with a body weight workout but technical difficulties kept me from receiving it.  On Saturday morning, before heading to the farm, I got up and devised a workout just thinking about the exercises Matthew has had me do.  I used the stopwatch on my phone to time myself.
Here’s what I did:
10 Burpees
:30 rest
10 Burpees
:30 rest
2 x 1:00 Push ups
1 x 1:00 Crunches
1 x 1:00 Bicycle Crunches
2 x 1:00 Squats
2 x 1:00 Walking Lunges with my Arms up
Was this a long workout?  No, but it did get my heart rate up and I felt a little fatigue.  When I returned Matthew was surprised that I included burpees in a workout voluntarily.
A little haphazard, but I did something.  Do you have a favorite hotel/road workout?

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