Ashtyn Johnson

Personal & Group Training - Rosedale 817.319.8176

Ashtyn learned her love for movement at an early age. In high school, she was in track, cross country and powerlifting. Not a typical combination, but as she began to solely focus on running, she found that injury was stopping her from consistently training. Using a combination  of running, cycling, lifting, and or climbing she had more success competing in multiple distances and disciplines. As a trainer, she urges clients to maintain a well rounded body in order to tap into their fullest potential and maintain a injury free lifestyle as much as possible.

Ashtyn is passionate about empowering people to meet their goals through a creation of highly individualized training plans that incorporate a variety of training methodologies. Her passion for learning, incredible love for helping others find the best part of themselves, and deep understanding of movement allow her to create well-rounded training programs that keep her athletes injury free while helping them meet and exceed their goals.

Starting out in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, she moved to Austin 6 years ago to be closer to her family and grow in her career. Being a trainer for over 10+ years has brought her on a journey of obtaining various certifications in multiple styles of training. Ashtyn is continuing to build her portfolio by going to school for Radiology.