Howard Little

Personal & Group Training - Rosedale 512.699.5091

I got my start in training like most people: I worked out a lot and people asked to workout with me. It wasn’t until I was at a gym all the time that the owner suggested I get certified and help him out by training clients and taking on classes. During the certification process, I realized I didn’t know enough to actually charge people and taught myself as a professional. That is when I decided to get my BS in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State. I eventually went on to get my MS in ESS.

During 13 years of training, I had the pleasure of training under some of the best coaches, athletes, and working with top professionals in the field. The way I look at human movement is from a holistic perspective. Combining physics, physiology, biomechanics, neurophysiology, cardiopulmonary physiology, and a person’s personal goal is how to reach the desired goal as fast as possible while avoiding new injuries and correcting old ones.