Shane Whitehead

Facilities Manager 717.919.8810

Shane has always been fascinated with physics and all things mechanical, and after growing up participating in sports, decided to combine the two and began his pursuit of understanding the human body. Shane attended James Madison University where he received his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. During his time there, he spent over 600 hours working closely with the Strength and Conditioning Staff to design and coach strength programs for various Division I sports teams.

He believes injury prevention is the most important part of training and carefully selects exercises to help restore or enhance proper pain free function in all basic human movements.

“My goal is to help all my clients achieve a better understanding of how certain exercises and diet changes will alter their bodies. Every exercise I choose has a specific purpose, whether it is correcting muscle imbalance, increasing range of motion, or just making certain area look better. We will work together to create a program that helps you move, feel, and look better, but is also simple enough to be sustainable.”