Trainer? Coach? Instructor? Educator? Practitioner?


As I was preparing for an internal training intensive for our Efficient Exercise tribe, I realized there is no succinct way to describe what we do.  Are we personal trainers?  Coaches?  Exercise instructors?  Educators?  Practitioners?  In a sense, we are a little of everything if the job is done well.

No matter what the title, it is vital to understand that being handed the keys to direct someone’s health is extremely important and should not be taken lightly.  Being fully engaged, fully integrated, fully devoted, and fully open to asking “Why?” and “Why not?” routinely is all part of the equation that makes for a successful process.  Also, keeping the perspective that optimum health is a journey and never something that is fully achieved helps shape the context to successes and failures.

I found it quite interesting that when searching for alternatives to the verb “coach” the antonyms were accept, learn, and listen…wow.  So what I strive for within our EE Tribe is not coaching at all but the opposite?  I cannot think of three better words to describe the concepts we want to integrate into our process: accept, learn, and listen.  Accept the fact that you might be wrong and there could be a better way – even if just for one person’s needs.  Learn from everyone around you – there is something good to garner from almost everyone if you are open to it.  Listen to that internal voice that gives you direction and intentionality as it is usually right – call it your gut, conscience, God, intuition, Spirit, or anything else you see fit.

So I am still not decided on a one word fits all description just like we do not adhere to a one size fits all approach…maybe someone out there can gleam some light for me 🙂

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  1. Max Fowler says:

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing it because I’ve been having trouble allowing myself to be called coach. Some even call me guru which I really really hate. Love the antonym accept, learn and listen 🙂

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