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Efficient Exercise offers highly effective personal and group fitness training in conveniently located neighborhood studios. Our concept originated in Austin, Texas in 2001 and has since expanded to new markets. Not only do we provide results-oriented training programs with amazing client service, but we also serve as your one-stop health and wellness concierge. Let our team work together to customize your plan to optimum health.

Efficient Exercise + ARx Video

Click to see how Efficient Exercise leverages modern technology to achieve ancestral wellness. The ARx technology, adaptive resistance exercise, allows our trainers to program workouts that are more efficient, effective, and safe for our clients. We bring health and fitness into the 21st Century with modern tools and tracking software while adhering to ancestral ideals and principles to optimize health and wellness.

Maximum Health, Minimum Time

Efficient Exercise specializes in highly effective, 30-minute workouts designed to achieve maximum health and fitness return with minimum time spent. We believe the pursuit of health should never interfere with the quality of life. Our customized programs combine resistance training, conditioning, mobility, and intensity in ways you’ve never before experienced. We know how to get the real results you need without injury or wasted effort so come experience EE today!